Generational Vault


Generational Vault is a secure, cloud-based portal for our clients that documents every step of the planning process and gives them 24/7 access to their financial lives, allowing them to manage and organize their retirements.


Online 24/7 Access to Your Financial Life and Reports


Collecting and updating consumer financial information is important, but displaying it in an easy-to-read manner can be challenging.

Using Virtual Advisor and the Generational Vault, you can print, download and save information. Unique reports display financial information in a format depending on what you or your client is looking for.

Invested premium

Account balances

Financial reports


Tax status

And much more..


Online Document Storage with Anywhere Access

Generational Vault was designed to serve as a 24/7 online filing cabinet to help our clients organize personal documents and financial statements. You can load information into the client vault as well as the client where they can always access their most important information — all they need is internet access.