Why Choose Us to Manage Your Life Savings?

Who We Are

Advanced Retirement Solutions is an independent fee-based investment advisory firm headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. The President of ARS is Jason Redditt. Jason has over 20 years of Investment and Insurance experience. Because of our independence, we have a vested interest in maximizing our client's asset growth and protection. (We want to have "Skin in the Game")

Our Approach

We take a totally different approach to asset management by using a relative strength and momentum model to maximize your returns and minimize your risk. We utilize extensive technology to create a proven process to money management that is deisgned to outperform the market even during downturns all while averaging less volatility than the S&P 500. There are basically two different views on asset management,  Active and Passive. We believe in both. We actively manage passive funds.

Our Specialty

We specialize in building and managing our proprietary models.  Our models are very unique and are not based on the old "Buy and Hold" way of investing. Through our approach we look to grow our accounts even in rocky markets and to be proactive not stagnant.